Neighbourhood Development Plan

The process of the Brilley Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) started in July 2014 and completed in May 2017 with a local referendum.

On Thursday 11 May 2017 parishioners on the electoral register voted in favour of  the Brilley NDP being made part of Herefordshire Council’s local planning policy. The turnout at the referendum was 41.4% of those eligible to vote, a very good turnout. The vote in favour was 88.5% of those who voted. The Brilley NDP was made (adopted) by Herefordshire Council on 17 June 2017 and is now part of the local planning policy for the parish.

The final adopted Brilley NDP, Policies Map and Decision Document are available below.

Brilley Neighbourhood Development Plan Post Examination Modifications Version 21 March 2017

Brilley Village Policies Map

Brilley Made Decision Document 17 June 2017

The Examiners report is available below, along with the Habitat Regulations Report and Environmental Report prepared for examination.

20 February 2017 Brilley Examiners Report

Brilley HRA Addendum March 2017

Brilley Environmental Report March 2017

The documents relating to the process of Regulation 14 and Regulation 16 consultations are available from the Parish Clerk.

Notes of the NDP Steering Group Meetings can be accessed below.

Steering Group Meetings