New water abstraction licenses needed

Water Abstraction licences·If you abstract or impound water or plan to do so, you may need to apply for an abstraction or impoundment licence.

·         If you used to abstract water under an exemption, you must apply for a new licence (also known as a new authorisation). You must apply before 31 December 2019. Please apply as soon as you can so that the Environment Agency has enough time to accept and validate it before 31 December 2019

·         Information, guidance & forms – click HERE

Environment Agency hotline for previously exempt abstractors

The Environment Agency has established a free hotline and bookable appointments service to help previously exempt abstractors complete their New Authorisation application forms by 1 October in order to meet the deadline of 31/12/2019.

The dedicated team will be supporting New Authorisations applicants by:

  • answering any specific questions you may have
  • helping you to decide if you need to apply for a licence
  • talking you through completing your application form
  • arranging a convenient call-back time to take them through their application
  • The hotline and bookable appointments service can be accessed by calling our normal National Customer Contact Centre service on 03708 506506 and asking for New Authorisations, or by email via enquiries@environment‐

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